On the 23rd of March 2020 the Swedish national television SVT revealed that half of those who have died in the Stockholm region of Covid-19 are of Somali origin. According to’s sources are that more than half of all the deaths are immigrants. This is what we feared and the reason why we started working on the site a few weeks ago. 

The reasons are socioeconomic, cultural differences, language barriers and the Swedish government’s inability to reach the inhabitats of those communities and suburbs of Stockholm and other cities in Sweden. 

The problem is just not in Sweden but all over Europe. 

On March 24, Sweden’s leading news agency TT interviewed us about our work and how, with the help of our videos, we should be able to reach out too different groups that have not been reached by the information of authorities and traditional media due to language barriers. We have also been interviewed by, among others, Dagens Nyheter, Northern Europe’s largest morning newspaper. 

Politicians and officials have also reached out. They have thanked us for our work and have helped to spread the videos. Our hope is that this work will also receive international spread. 

Thank you to all for helping us. * 

We will update the site with English translations of articles and news shortly.

Foto: Hopig Khachadourian