#tellcorona Awareness Campaign

This is a new international campaign aiming to reach undocumented and homeless people in immigrant-dense areas in Sweden and other countries in Europe. Videos in fifteen languages are produced with instructions on how everyone, each of us, can help slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The celebrities, TV-hosts and Sports stars that are producing the videos, hope that the videos will be shared widely at record speed.

In an article published on March 19 in Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden’s largest morning newspapers, he describes how he travels from one immigrant-dense suburb to the other in the Swedish capital Stockholm. He wants to know how the residents in these areas are living during these times. How do they protect themselves from the virus and what knowledge do they have when it comes to how the virus spreads?

Investigative Journalist Nuri Kino meets many suburban residents who lack basic knowledge about the virus. He talks to people who are undocumented residents in this so called “shadow community”. He describes how little they know about what is going on around them. That they do not even have time to stop and absorb information regarding the coronavirus. They work long hours to earn a living and, in many cases, must support vulnerable relatives in their respective native countries. Kino also talks to a homeless Swedish woman who is a drug addict. She struggles to get money for her daily heroin dose, and doesn’t care about anything else.

After talking to a large number of people Nuri Kino, the Swedish award-winning investigative journalist, founder of the human rights organization A Demand For Action and internationally recognized for his fight for minorities and indigenous people in the Middle East, decides to act.

There might be hundreds of thousands of people living in this shadow community. Sweden also has many homeless people and almost one million people live in these immigrant-dense areas. It’s even worse in other European countries. Kino believes that the authorities and the media have not been able to reach these groups adequately and has therefore started the #tellcorona campaign.

These videos should be shared in all countries – all over the world. The information in #tellcorona will be shared in fifteen languages.

Well-known Swedes with foreign backgrounds have uploaded videos in their native language. They have been joined by Americans, Romanians and others that in the videos inform about how to wash your hands, to sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow and other basic ways to slow down the spread of the corona virus.

Foto: Hopig Khachadourian