This site was created to spread information on how to act to stop the infection from spreading.

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Gladys Del Pilar
Singer, Dancer and a Swedish Musical Star
Entrepreneur and Videographer
Journalist and Human Rights Defender
International Soprano Opera Singer
TV Producer and Presenter
Artist, Writer and Comedian
Assyrian/Syriac (Eastern dialect)
Champion of MMA and Philantropist
Assyrian/Syriac (Western dialect)
Investigative journalist and Human Rights Defender
Chinese (Cantonese)
Actress, Dancer and Singer
Journalist and TV host
Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Singer, Artist and Lawyer
Kurdish (Surani)
Professional Football Player, Iraqi National Team
Author, Actor and Human Rights Defender

Rihan Younan
TV producer and presenter

Nuri Kino
Investigative Journalist and Human Rights Defender

how to behave to stop the infection from spreading.

Friends, all over the world, help us make this information reach the whole world. Only together can we slow down the spread of the corona virus. Each of you can contribute. We need to protect people at risk: elderly and others with weakened immune system. Wash your hands with soap, often and for a long time. Finger by finger, palm and back for at least 30 seconds. Cough in arm folds, not in your hands. Avoid touching your face. Those of you who can, stay home. The rest of you, as far as possible, take care to avoid physical contact with other people. Keep distance. Avoid gatherings. In that way you can save both yourself and your fellow human beings. By breaking the spread of the infection, you also help hospital staff, doctors, nurses and others who currently have come under great pressure. They need our help. By helping to minimize ways the infections can be passed on, you give nursing staff a better chance to tend to those who have already become ill. You and We, All of Us, must all participate in this fight against the spread of the infection. Share these videos with as many people as possible.

Thank you!